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I haven’t really done as much on-camera acting in my career as I would have liked, perhaps because in the past, I pursued a music career with much more drive and focus. But I’ve always known that I could act, as I started dabbling in it as early as 1981. From the onset, I knew this endeavor would be a major commitment of time, so rather than say I’ve neglected to commit to the discipline of learning and improving my acting skills, I’ll say that my efforts were placed into my music career first, but that my interest in this performing art never waned, and I stayed in touch with it. In fact, the words “caught in the act” are in the lyrics to a song on my upcoming solo CD.

I have a unique voice and a unique look, and I’m definitely not shy in front of a camera. So, I started acting in independent films while living in New York, just to get my feet wet, and those were fantastic learning experiences for me. While I was living in LA, I had many more opportunities to audition for roles I believed I was right for, as I continued to establish myself in this fascinating and rewarding field.

My film acting career started in 2002, when I was cast in a starring role in the film production of “Folklore”, directed by Michael Nasutovitz.

In 2003, I was cast as a lead in the film “The Experience”, directed by C.J. Etterle, a story about the life of Edgar Allan Poe before, during, and after the years his masterpiece “The Raven” was written. I played Edgar’s boss at his part time job.

In 2004, I was cast as a lead in the film “Heaven and Hell”, also directed by C.J. Etterle, in which I played a fading porn star, who’s seeking any opportunity to revive and re-establish his once flourishing career.

Unfortunately, those 3 films never saw the light of day for varying reasons, but I knew going in that independent productions can run into problems, delays, postponements, funding issues, and ultimately films never being released. It happens all the time.

Then, in 2005, I played a featured role in the Troma Films Production of “Poutrygeist: The Night Of The Chicken Dead“, shot in Buffalo, NY and directed by B-Movie legend Lloyd Kaufman. This film screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, and in Hollywood in 2008. That was the first time I saw myself on film in a theater.

Additionally, from 2007 to the present, I’ve worked as an extra in many major budget films and TV productions. #acting #actor #films

06/03/11 “Acting Classes and Workshops

I attended an acting class last night taught by actress Dee Wallace…very informative. Her acting methods are based on high energy to set up your character. “Never question impulse” is one her big proponents. “Make the choice, then the decision…be joy, be authentic, be love.”  The most important quote of the evening: “You can’t create something by recreating something you don’t want.”

This was time well spent, I must say. I look forward to our next class together. #actingclass #actingschool


I had a great time this evening reading an audition script for Robert David Hall of C.S.I. during a class I attended in Glendale, CA.  An excellent  learning experience from a wonderful actor and teacher. He has so much to offer and it was certainly a pleasure working with him. I wish him all the best, and hope that our paths cross again in the very near future. #actingschool #robertdavidhall


I had a very enjoyable evening in a workshop hosted by Russ Woody, the renowned writer and producer. This workshop (Actors helping Actors) meets bi-monthly with different special guests each workshop. It’s moderated by Katy Kurtzman, a noted Hollywood actress. There certainly were pearls of wisdom to be gathered at this meeting, as Russ is a hotbed of knowledge and experience. We had a great workout with a new script he presented to us, and so many talented actors showed up – a real plus. #russwoody #katykurtzman

02/06/12 “LA City Works project begins

We started filming today for four episodes of “LA City Works”, a pilot airing on Time Warner Cable starting in June 2012. The subject matter of this series deals with the awareness of water, air, and land pollution in and around the Los Angeles area, and that the commitment to be a part of the solution is everyone’s responsibility; the goal of environmental cleanliness can only be reached if everyone does their part. I’ve got a few different roles in this series, and it should be a fun time, but with a very important message. #lacityworks

02/09/12 “Acting Classes with Steven Wishnoff

I started a four week acting course studying with actor/producer Steven Wishnoff, and the class today was very strong and motivating. I look forward to the next time. #stevenwishnoff


Another very inspiring class with Steven Wishnoff…I’m progressing in slow, steady steps and learning quite a bit about who I am as an actor.


Week three with Steven Wishnoff…my toughest class yet. One more class to get myself where I need to be.

02/24/12 “LA City Works project continued…

We continued shooting today for “LA City Works”, and will resume early next week. Lots of fun, and working with some very skilled actors. The crew is great too…pros that really stand out. #lacityworks


Our filming day started at 7:00 am today aboard the La Mer, a 142-ton, 82 ft-long, fiberglass-hulled, twin-engine vessel docked in Marina Del Ray, Ca. The boat went out into the shallower waters up the coast off Malibu and Santa Monica, as we shot more footage for the LA City Works series. Some members succumbed to seasickness, which is common. Thankfully, I was able to retain all of my cookies for the duration of the ride. Great experience and nice weather for most of the day; we finished at approximately 4:00pm. In the early evening, I attended my last workshop class with Steven Wishnoff, and what a dynamic and energetic experience THAT was! In this workshop, I have grown so much as an actor in four short weeks, and I’m very excited about what the future holds for me, as my journey continues.

03/09/12 “The Frog and The Snake film project

Since all of my scenes have finished shooting on the “LA City Works” series, at least for now, I’ll be filming scenes this entire weekend in Redondo, California, for a movie entitled “The Frog and the Snake”. It’ll probably wrap late Sunday afternoon or early evening, and I’ll be meeting some industry people around mid week.

03/25/12 “Life of Rousseau film begins and LA City Works project continues

Rehearsals started today for a film about the life of eighteenth century philosopher and musician Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Filming dates begin in April. I’m also scheduled to begin filming new episodes for the upcoming “LA City Works” series, also starting in April. It’s going to be a busy and exciting month.

03/29/12 “More Acting Classes…

Another great workout last night in the Actors helping Actors Workshop. A smaller group, but it worked out very well, since more time and attention was given to each actor pairing, and, again, many nuggets of information were mined. I love that about this group. Ken Grant, an entertainment industry veteran, was in attendance, and is scheduled to hold a workshop of his own this coming April in North Hills. I’ll be putting that date on my schedule. #kengrant

04/02/12 “LA City Works continued…

We continued filming today for the series “LA City Works”, and the location was the Hyperion Water Treatment Facility in Playa del Rey, CA. What an experience! Learned a lot about sewage treatment and water purification today…this is knowledge everyone needs to wrap their head around. #playadelrey

04/10/12 “‘Disappeared’ series for ID Channel begins” Three solid days of production this past weekend-Friday and Saturday scenes were shot for the series “Disappeared” on the ID Channel. Dark back stories and sinister characters -I played one of them…really great recently-ripped-from-the-headlines murder/mystery material. On Sunday, the Rousseau documentary that was in pre-production last month was filmed. Shot and wrapped in five hours or so. Great that I’ve been busy…things are looking up. #idchannel

04/11/12 “Acting Classes continued…

I attended an acting class last night mentored by Ken Grant. Very interesting acting concepts were discussed; I’m certainly glad I was at that one.


I sat in on a table read this evening for a presentation entitled “Georgia”, about a male teacher in a small Texas town in the early 1980’s, who undergoes a sex change operation, and then fights to retain his position in the school system against everybody’s wishes. Interesting story, not only because of the location, but also the time frame as well. I read for the lead character.

05/29/12 “More LA City Works news…

Filming continued today in the Japanese Garden in Van Nuys, CA, for the upcoming “LA City Works” series, to be aired on cable channel 35 in the very near future, possibly in mid June. The Japanese Gardens setting is very tranquil and very unique, in the respect that all plant and animal life here sustains life from recycled or reclaimed water. Many Hollywood productions have been filmed here, including Star Trek, The Mentalist, and Rising Sun. To see clips and scenes of the production’s work from this past February until now, go to

06/17/12 “Toyota Commercial

Finished filming today in downtown LA for a Toyota Camry commercial for the Asian Market. Lots of henchmen and thuggery and SWAT teams. An all day affair, but lots of fun, as usual.

06/23/12 “LA City Works on Facebook

The Facebook page of the “LA CityWorks” project I’ve been a part of since January 2012 has been up for a while now, but there are a lot more additions since its launch back in February. Check out this link to see all the updates . Let me know what you think.

12/19/2012 “On the set of American Horror Story

After five grueling days on the set of “American Horror Story”, we finally wrapped for the final episodes. They’ll appear on cable TV in Jan, 2013. I play an unnamed patient (asylum inmate?), but I appeared in quite a few important scenes with the lead actors. However, a few were left on the cutting room floor. 🙁 Life goes on!

05/09/2013 “Controversy over the LA City Works TV show

The ultimate in bizarre incidents happened today when a member of LA’s Japanese American National Museum criticized the “LA CityWorks” project, which I’ve been a part of for over a year, of being racist against Asians. It was actually investigative reporter David Goldstein, who just can’t keep his big fat nose out of places where it doesn’t belong, who brought it to the attention of the public and to this group. Well, let’s see now, the four hosts of the show are Asian, Brazilian, Hawaiian/German, and African American, and all are Los Angeles residents; the producer is of Asian descent. No racism there, right? And the segment in question was done at the Japanese Garden at the Tillman Water Reclamation Project. So the only “joke” or racially insensitive idea here was that a man was dressed as a Japanese geisha, trying to pull it off? The kabuki white face should be considered a tribute, not an insult. I thought this entire incident was totally blown out of proportion-or maybe Goldstein was hurting for a story and this is the best he could come up with-and really shows that some people are so uptight and racially over-sensitive that they’ve forgotten what true humor is-I thought it was hilarious, as did most people, before all of the stink started. You can read about it further here and here. Thanks to this incident, a year’s worth of work went up in smoke. I don’t know what happened to all of the people in charge of production, whether they were dismissed or reprimanded, but we all had a great time making all of those videos. I might put a few of them up on my You Tube channel, in case any of you never got a chance to see them. #lacityworks #japanesegardens

12/31/2013 “An off year

A major part of this year has been a recovery period for me, after a series of illnesses, mishaps and unfortunate incidents. Thankfully, I received the help I needed, and I’m grateful to all who were part of the process. I’m feeling much better now, and I look forward to a more prosperous and event-filled 2014.

02/10/2014 “Film School begins

It’s the first day of school- I’m enrolled in film classes at a Los Angeles community college. This is going to be a tremendous experience for me, since all of my career has been spent in front of the camera. This is not to say I’ll be giving up acting- that won’t happen. But now, I’ll learn filming, editing, and directing, as well as the history of motion pictures and documentary films, and all of the great people in the industry who laid the groundwork for the rest of us. I’ll be making a few one minute movies in one of my classes, and learning how to operate video equipment and edit footage in software programs. I’m enjoying it, despite the work load, but I’m looking forward to the summer already for a little R & R.


Well, two more weeks of school left, and I can’t wait until finals are over. I’m already looking forward to the fall semester, however, but I’ll be enjoying my summer before I get back to hitting the books. It’s been a nice ride, and I learned a lot. So, I’m working toward my director’s certificate and maybe more. I’ll have to wait and see what the next few years bring. I did make a few one minute movies this semester, and I hope I get to share them with you. I’ll keep you posted. Enjoy your Memorial Day!


Schools out and my final grades are in. Four A’s…unbelievable. It was a lot of hard work, all cinema and film classes, but it was worth it. I’ll enjoy the summer, but I can’t wait to get back for the fall semester. Actually, I’m taking online classes right now, so I’m not really taking any time off. One class covers starting a production company, and the other’s for becoming a better screenwriter. Both are challenging but in this business, you can’t waste a single minute. They’re each about six weeks long, so I’ll you know how everything turns out. Tomorrow’s the first day of summer, so I hope everybody’s having a great time enjoying the weather. Take care.

07/06/2014 “Happy July 4th

Hope everybody had a blast on the 4th of July. It’s back to the grind tomorrow, so I’d better be on my game. Talk to you guys soon.

07/30/2014 “Screenwriting/ production classes

Last day of class was today, and I must say I learned quite a bit from these online classes. The production company classes were fascinating-there was so much I took in that was valuable, ideas I can actually use and the teachers were very helpful. It was definitely worth the time. The screenwriting class was good too, but I need to write a lot more and get my stories out there faster. I’m collaborating with my partner on two screenplays now. It’s true that writing is what makes Hollywood roll, although no one wants to give writers that kind of credit. Sad, that. Because without strong stories and screenplays with interesting characters, where would Hollywood be?

08/17/2014 “More LA City Works

Back on 05/09/2013, I wrote about a particular video in which I acted, about the Japanese Gardens at the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, produced for LA City Works, that was censored and removed from the LA City Works website due to so-called racist implications toward the Asian community here in Los Angeles. As a result, all of the videos posted on the LA City Works website were subsequently removed and future production was stopped. I’ve posted the targeted video on my You Tube channel, which you can check out here. It’s eight minutes long, so please watch the entire video through-I think you’ll find it interesting-and then decide for yourself if there are any racist implications in any portion of this video. I’d like to hear from my readers on this. If you like this one, I’ll post more. Please let me know your thoughts, and enjoy!

09/03/2014 “Back to School

It’s back to school day, and I’m taking four classes again, all in media arts. It’ll be a fun semester-I can guarantee that-with lots to do and projects abounding in all classes. Some professors will be tougher than others, so I’ll be wading through the semester for a while, seeing who has the most difficult path and adjusting my game plan accordingly. Every class is interesting and I love that. By the way, if you haven’t yet checked out the video I linked to in the previous post, take a moment to review it. I’d love to hear your feedback. Well, gotta go, time to hit the books. I’ll talk to you soon.


I’ve posted a video project that was an assignment for a media arts class I attended last spring. This was what my final grade was based on. You can check it out here. Let me know what you think. It’s a shorter length because that’s all the time we were allowed to have to tell a story, which made it a little more difficult. Enjoy!


School’s out, and I’m just waiting patiently for my grades to be posted. This was a awfully trying time for me this semester, as I took on a lot of courses with heavy lab work attached to them. That of course meant putting in a lot of extra time and effort, but it paid off, and thankfully, I learned many aspects of this film making business that either I was unaware of, or unclear about. With that behind me now, I’ll be vacationing for six weeks until the beginning of February, when I’ll return for the spring semester to take on a few more challenging classes. I hope you’re having a great holiday season, socializing with friends and family, and I hope that all the best happens for you and yours, throughout the new year and beyond.

01/03/2015 “Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everybody. Hope you all are well and enjoying life. I got my final grades back over the holidays – three A’s and a B. Well, I was hoping for straight A’s but I really had a difficult time with one of my classes. Funny, I put the most effort into that class too. I can’t really complain, but I sure would have loved to get that fourth A. Next semester starts on February 9th, and I’ll be taking four classes again. So I’ve only got a few weeks left of vacation time…and I plan to use it well. Take care.

02/01/2015 “School starts again soon…

Now that the Super Bowl is over, I’m gearing up to start the Spring semester next week, and I’ll be grinding it out until the first week in June, or thereabouts. These seven weeks after the Fall semester ended really flew by quickly, almost too quickly. The great part about it, though, is that I got to spend some quality time with family and close friends. That’s something I find a bit difficult to do during the semester- spending that quality time- as my studies devour lots of hours over the course of four months. But, nothing worth achieving is ever easy. I’ll see how it goes after a couple weeks of class. That’ll give me a good feel for what I can expect. I’ll talk to you soon.

03/22/2015 “Spring Break…!

Spring break is right around the corner, and I’m ready for a mini vacation. This semester has been all about writing. Synopses and subjective writing on movies and videos shown in class, and screenwriting as well. I’m not taking any labs this time, so the work has a different feel to it. Nonetheless, it all comes down to putting in the necessary time to get the grades, and there’s lots of time involved, believe me. I also made the dean’s list this year (yay!), so that was nice. Well, I’ll post again soon, everyone. Take care.


One more week to go before schools out! It’s been a long semester, but aren’t they all? I’m really looking forward to summer vacation. I can’t wait to get re-acquainted with the beach. I’ll be down there quite often, that’s for sure. I’ll post again when I’m through with final exams. Take care everybody.


School’s out for summer! Can’t wait to hit the beach, but I’m waiting for the weather to get better first. June gloom in LA has arrived. Final date for grade posting is this coming Friday, so I’ll know by then where I stand. I won’t be sitting around this summer though; I’ve enrolled in a Film Noir class sponsored by The Canvas Network, which has already started. It’s a great opportunity to continue my education with an eye toward screenwriting. Although these courses aren’t accredited, the knowledge that can be gleaned is tremendous. I’ll let you know how things are going. Enjoy the sunshine, wherever it may find you.


My grades took a little longer to get posted from last semester, but they’re all in – 4 A’s. Yeah, that felt great. I’ve really been enjoying this Film Noir class I’ve been in since the first week of June, and I’m learning a ton about this style of film that started in the early 1940’s. We watch movies from that time period every week, and comment on them in forums. We’re also tested weekly, so you can’t slack off. Got a lot of stuff on my plate right now. I’ll tell you what’s next soon. Take care and enjoy your summer.


I just finished contributing my talents as an actor and student mentor for Cleveland High School students at the LA Summit, held at LA Valley College, in collaboration with high school students from Serbia, in a combined effort to shoot and produce short films for a common goal. The topics for the films included discrimination, poverty, health, and violence, among others. Each student group of five or more people shot and edited these films on campus, and I was part of the contingent to oversee them. It really was a blast, as we also attended lectures that dealt with all aspects of this industry. It was great to work with these young people, watching them demonstrate their skills as they prepare to enter into the show business world.


I’m taking a directing class this fall, which I’m very enthused about, because of all the effort that goes into it. I’ll be directing a scene with three actors later in the fall. I’ll keep you updated. On a sad note, my heart goes out to all who lost loved ones fourteen years ago in that tragic event in NYC, and I hope for world peace in my lifetime.


Scene rehearsals for my directing class have improved quite a bit since we first started in early October. No more scripts are being used – only the emotional connection with scene partners, knowing what each actor wants, and being in the moment. I’m very pleased with our progress, and the performance date is right around the corner.


The scene performance went very well. Kudos to my actors-they knew their roles and played them well. We received very positive feedback from the class. This was only the second time I’ve directed so I’m still learning, but it was a great experience. I see now, after the feedback, what could have been done better; but, overall, I’m satisfied with it. The shoot is next week, and I’m looking forward to it.


The Fall semester’s over now, so I’m just waiting for my grades. I plan on taking some time off- the past four months have been grueling, more so than in previous semesters. So, Happy Holidays to all, and I’ll write more later.


Happy New Year to all! Now that I’m out of school, I’m planning my next move. I’ve got a lot of choices but haven’t settled on a plan of action yet. The official graduation ceremonies commence in June, I believe, but I can’t wait around for that. I’ll see what comes in the next few weeks. Enjoy the Super Bowl!


My writer/ director partner and I recently enrolled in a Production Assistant Workshop at LA Valley College which promises to be a very hands-on, informative, 11 week session. There were lots of Hollywood pros in attendance at our 1st meeting last weekend, and there’ll certainly be more guest appearances in the coming weeks. All of this knowledge spewing from proven veterans in the industry will prove to be very useful, I’m certain. I’ll keep everyone updated. Happy Autumn!


The Production Assistant Boot Camp at Los Angeles Valley College ended yesterday after an eventful 10 week session, and every single minute was well worth it. So much great information was presented in such a relatively short period of time. It’s a tribute to all the professionals in attendance, sharing their thoughts on a plethora of entertainment industry topics. These sessions will probably continue next year, and I’m certainly looking forward to them. Happy Thanksgiving!


I had a really great time screening short films at the LA Feedback Film Festival tonight at The Regal LA Live Theater downtown. Up-and-coming directors shared their wares and discussions were held after all the films were shown. Plans are in place to hold these screenings at least once a month, maybe more. If so, I’ll probably be going to the next one as well.


Took a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank, CA today courtesy of the 2 day AT&T Shape promotion this weekend. Lots of great exhibits and film history all through this huge lot. A few shots…  

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