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These demos are only a partial list. For more demos, click here.

Narration Demo

Various narrative delivery styles.


Amazing Care – Roper St. Francis Hospital

Voice for a cancer center, a hospital system in South Carolina that I’ve serviced since 2004.


Pedestrian  Ad – Oregon Car Dealership

Voice for an Oregon Car Dealership with an emphasis on safety.

SO Volvo Pedestrian.mp3

We Believe – Roper St. Francis Hospital

Voice for a hospital system in South Carolina named Roper St. Francis. Their cancer treatment facilities are among the nation’s best.


Acceleration Ad – Oregon Car Dealership

Voice for an Oregon Car Dealership

SO Volvo Acceleration.mp3

Voice Actor & Narrator @ Thumbtack.com

voice over


I’m presently producing an audiobook for audible.com, a subsidiary of Amazon.com. This is quite a long project, and won’t be completed until the end of October. I’ll keep you posted from time to time.


Well, this audiobook will be taking a bit longer than I thought. I had to suspend all recording action in late October 2011, because I had to tend to a legal matter in Lubbock, Texas. That took over a week to complete, what with all the days in court and numerous delays, and when I flew back home, I came down with a wicked cold, and that set me back a few weeks as well. So I’m still not at 100%, but I’m fighting back, trying my best to complete it.


Recently completed an advertising project for a Spyware/Antivirus software company in the Florida panhandle. Lots of fun…I’ll post the finished product once I get my hands on it. Working on a lot of other projects right now too. Staying busy…that’s all that matters.


Voice Over Expert – 88%

Are you a Voice Over Expert?


Just completed a narration for a Florida based software company’s :30 video ad, that will be on You Tube in the near future, and on regional TV.


I just uploaded a recent promotional video I voiced for PCW Extreme Measures Wrestling, advertising an upcoming event in Chico, CA. It can be viewed on my You Tube channel by clicking on the “My Videos” link in the right hand column. Enjoy…and leave a comment if you like.


The promotional video ad for Panhandle PC, a Florida based software company can now be viewed on You Tube. Just click on the My Videos link on the right.


Just finished two :30 TV commercials for an Oregon casting agency, one for a credit union, and one for an east coast insurance agency.


I recorded two more radio ads for the same credit union I worked for last month. Looks like they’re sticking with me. Great news.


Two more spots were recorded today, one for the same credit union, and one for a new legal firm. Nothing like staying busy!


Today was like a marathon. In the morning, I recorded two :60 and two :30 commercial ads for a banking client I hadn’t done business with in years. It was great to hear from these people again. Then at noon, I recorded a narration for a special victims center in the northern Illinois area. That was a great feeling of accomplishment.


Today, I recorded my fifth ad in six weeks for the same credit union…so those ads must be working. I also recorded my second ad for that east coast insurance company. Good stuff…I love it!


Lots of studio work this week for a number of clients, one from Spain and one from Oregon. A ton of auditions too. It’s good to be busy…keeps the day moving along and gets those bills paid. A new out of state casting site recently picked me up too. That was a pleasant surprise. Let’s see what that brings.


I’ve been quite busy lately, landing a few voice jobs in Sweden, as well as Oregon. I’m auditioning every day now, since I’m on holidays from school. This is what I do with my time between semesters, so I’ve got to make it count. I’ll keep you updated as I get more content to share. Until then, stay safe.


I picked up a new client this week, a scientist from Russia. I’m grateful for all of the inroads that have been established to allow me to become a global commodity. In this business, clients can come from any country and from all walks of life. That’s what makes this line of work so inviting.


I picked up some work last week from a client in St. Louis that I’d previously worked for. Nice to do business with this client again, to add some fresh material to their upcoming campaign. My new voice booth that I’ve been working on for quite some time is finished and sounds great, but it has a very dead, tonal quality that needs getting used to. I had to tweak mic placement and compressor settings a bit to dial in a sound that I liked. It’s a great tool to have, and one that’ll certainly get a lot of use.


I had a Skype session with a client in Sweden early this morning to do a trailer for an upcoming TV series. Not sure where it will be shown, and I’m not at liberty to give any details, but rest assured it was voiced in English. I can’t wait to see the finished video. I’ll share it with everyone, if given permission.


I picked up a new client yesterday, after some work I did for him passed the litmus test. Always thankful to pick up new clients; they’re like gold.


This month saw a nice upswing in business just before the official break between semesters. I got reacquainted with an old client I’d been out of touch with for a while, and was introduced to two new ones. Exciting stuff, especially considering both clients are on the other side of the pond.

I love having that international flavor in my work, not that I don’t enjoy my local and regional ones. But there’s always something enticing about the unknown, those from other countries with different customs and ways of life.


I just finished some promo work for an old client with whom I haven’t touched base in quite a while. He’s got a very lucrative internet business. I voiced an ad featuring a new product he recently developed. Check it out here.


I received a link from a client from The Netherlands for a 45 minute documentary I voiced in late Dec./ early Jan. ’16 on WWII. It’s a modern spin on this brutal war with lots of CGI, dynamic cinematography and sound tracks.

I can’t give you the video link, obviously, because of an NDA I signed, but when I get the green light, I’ll post in here and you can check it out. It’s quite long, so you might want to set some time aside to take in the entire film in one sitting to get the best experience.


It’s really been busy here at the studio in the past while. Picked up a few new clients and learned some nifty editing tricks that’ll make my product sound so much better. With summer just around the corner, things are looking up. Hope everyone’s enjoying the nice weather.


Just completed a narration for an old client in Germany with a brand new sales campaign, and I wish them all the best.


Been busy lately: had a few new clients I picked up, and I’m working to improve my marketing skills – learning from the best in the biz. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I landed a gig as a narrator in a major game. This is really exciting stuff, because the narrator has like 15,000 lines in the game, and will be the predominant voice. I can’t go into detail because I’ve already signed a non-disclosure agreement, but it’s for a major player in gaming and it’ll be a world wide release next year.

I’ve been in long sessions the past 4 days at Voxx Studios in Glendale, and it’s been exhilarating. Sessions continue next week. When everything is completed and I’m allowed to go into more detail, I will. I’m having a great time doing this, and I can’t wait to see where this leads.


Tracking sessions for the narrator gig I started two weeks ago are finally complete. All that’s left to do now is mix all the tracks. What a job that will be! This is the type of mix that a qualified engineer would be chomping at the bit to get. Tracks of voice actor lines, music and effects paired with all the graphics are to be mixed, mastered and released sometime in 2018. I’ll let you know exactly when as soon as I find out.


On Feb. 14, 3 days ago, a video game I narrated which I told you about 6 months ago, was released globally. “Dynasty Warriors 9“, the English version, was released in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. It may be available in English in other countries as well. I’m so excited and honored to be a part of this project.

I was hired last September for the narrator’s part, as you know, and it was a 5 day, 5 hours-a-day session which was grueling, but so interesting at the same time. I narrated in English, of course, but the pronunciation of all of those Chinese names and places was challenging.

This is a great sense of accomplishment for me, and I hope you get a moment to check this game out.

It’s available in all major game formats (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.)  


I attended a promo/trailer class at Real Voice LA near Universal City, CA, mentored by Brent Allen Hagel, a rising star in the Voice Acting world in Los Angeles. A great workout and I learned a lot of new tricks. That’s what I love about attending workshops – all the nuggets of knowledge you can grab in one session. Here’s a photo of me in the booth – can’t wait until the next one. 


This evening I was back in Voxx Studios in Glendale recording new material for the “Dynasty Warriors 9” game that was released back in February. Apparently the company is creating bonus follow-up material to add new characters and thus new dimensions to the already established game.

It gave me a good opportunity to re-sharpen my Chinese language enunciation skills, as I dove into narrating more story lines. Had a great time and it’s always a pleasure working with their crew.


I’ve been doing a series of 1 minute vignettes on all NFL teams during this lull between mini-camps and training camps on my Instagram account. If you’d like to check them out, click here.


I finished an animation project today at Voxx Studios in Glendale, and man was that a blast. Three different characters and so much fun. When it’s released I’ll tell you more about it.


I’ve been in sessions recording another narration for an international video game which will be released in the coming weeks. I can’t give details due to a non-disclosure agreement I signed, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag when the time comes. Hope you’re enjoying your Spring.


Check out my work on Voquent here.

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